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Robo Buddy™

 Stay Connected and Live the Moment with Robo Buddy™.

 Connect to Robo Buddy™ on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world via free app and local Internet!  Robo Buddy™ gives you peace of mind by keeping an eye on those things that matter most.  Robo Buddy™ is your baby monitor, home monitor, pet monitor, or delivery vehicle.  Live stream high-definition photos and videos from the built-in HD 720P video camera.  Move Robo-Buddy™ forward, backward, right or left with the Move Motion feature. Robo Buddy™ can travel for up to 50 minutes and then recharge on the docking station (included). Infrared vision allows you to see in the dark! Two-way audio communication allows you to speak and hear!

Product Features:

  • Works with free app from App Store or Google Play. Support OS: Android 4.3 or later, IOS v6 or higher
  • Built-in adjustable HD 720P Wi-Fi video camera
  • Travels for 50 minutes – forward, backward, right and left with Move Motion feature
  • Easy to recharge on docking station (included)
  • Works on tile, cement, wood and carpeted floors
  • Payload capacity: 8 oz.
  • For indoor use
  • Available in white


  • Length: 10.5”
  • Width: 7.75”
  • Height: 8.75”
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs.

Battery Requirements:

  • Rechargeable 1300 mAh 7.2V Ni-NM battery (included)
  • Docking station with AC Adaptor for recharging Robo Buddy™ (included)


  • August 2016
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